Booking a photographer can be daunting.

There is a lot to take into account, from both a technical and logistical side. The very nature of photography comes with a lot of complicated equipment and equally complicated jargon, so finding the right one for your needs can be a real pain.

That’s why I am dedicated to bringing my experience and skills to every one of my clients with a simple and friendly service. You don’t need to worry about lighting set-ups or lenses; you just tell me what you need and how you need them, and I will take it from there.

The BJC ethos

The three core principles of BJC Photography are three single words;

  • organic
  • authentic
  • personal

Whether I’m shooting an event, a landscape or a set of portraits, I always look to find those looks, gestures and moments that really capture the story of the moment. I’m not a big believer in staged images, and I think the best photographs are the ones that really reflect who a person is.

Who is BJC?

I was born in Reading, and grew up in a village not far from Newbury in West Berkshire. With a balance of built-up urban city and open country and woodland nearby, I grew to love spending time in both and especially photographing them. The steely blues and greys of Reading and the earthy browns and rich greens of Bucklebury and Greenham Common. The open spaces and lights of Thatcham in the snow. Can’t beat it. Swapping squirrels for seagulls, I then headed to Cornwall to study filmmaking at Falmouth University, and now I find myself here in Milton Keynes with yet another massively-different environment.

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