Ok, so for those of you who may not know, I used to write for my own videogames review site (link here), but gave up due to a combination of time commitments and general apathy towards the current-gen releases of the time (although things are looking a lot rosier now than this time last year!)

Back on topic, I recently realised that I missed typing up my periodic ramblings and publishing the few that aren’t complete gibberish. As such, I’ve created the BJC Blog (or #BJCBlog for those of you who speak Twit), as a space for some of those picture-themed ramblings to find the light of day. I’ll update when I can, and if you all like and share the posts, I’ll at least try to keep them photography-focused.

For now, here’s a seagull with a Santa hat to get you all in the Christmas mood.

Christmas Spirit.jpg

PS It’s not a real Santa hat, but it is a real seagull.

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