Flynn: A Neo-Noir Musical, by Ben J Chinnery – Director, Writer and Co-producer

Red Sky, by Matt Bayly – Assistant Director

Vitae; Episode One, by David Carey and Daniel Andrew – Actor

My Best Friend is Ash, by Andrew Hyde – Producer, Actor

The Worst Kind of Trouble, by Ben J Chinnery and Chris Hobbs – Writer, Co-director

Longridge Yr 7 School Trip Documentary – Producer, Director and Editor

Do Aliens High Five? by Ben J Chinnery – Writer, Animator and Editor


A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen (Reimagined by Sam Long) – Executive Producer, Lighting Design

Infernum, by Ben J Chinnery and Sam Long – Executive Producer, Co-writer, Actor

The Devil’s Avocado, by Ben J Chinnery – Executive Producer, Writer, Lighting Designer

Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett – Lighting Designer, Actor

Yesterday When I Was Mad, by Leighton Carter – Actor


My Best Friend is Ash Flynn 3  Flynn 2 Flynn 1 The Doll's House 250775_10150199251014464_1007746_n

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