Here you can see a selection of some of my previous work. If you have any questions, get in touch!

Production Methodology Video, Integra Buildings

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across the world. In light of the situation, modular construction company Integra Buildings put a stop to client site visits, and as such needed a video that did the same job, showcasing the factory production and construction methodology. The resulting video was produced on a very quick turnaround to the necessary high standards

Coverage of Extinction Rebellion, H.A.R.T. and Vegan Cookout as they took over Hull’s city centre. Shot all three events simultaneously and with no interview or fact-finding structure to form the basis of the video, Josh Woodward’s ‘Wrong Side of the Revolution’ was used as a backing track. In-house edit using Adobe Suite, all footage recorded by A-Camera w/out sound.

Full coverage (shoot and edit) of a talk at a local fayre. Lighting and sound conditions were very poor, so speaker was hooked up to a sound recorded and a small, non-intrusive GoPro was used for filming due to the cramped conditions.

Follow-up edit required use of the show’s slides to be timed with the talk itself.

Documentary coverage of a protest – DSLR and GoPro used with separate sound recorded wired up for both lav and shotgun mics. Edited with live footage streamed on the day and voice over produced in-house.

Footage and stills captured on the day distributed for use as stock imagery for future projects.

Pilot episode of a podcast, again recorded mostly in-house with one person taking part from elsewhere in the country, resulting in the need to record his elements separately and then use our recorded Skype call as a guide track to compile the elements together.

Recording on full series likely to take part this year, alongside a number of other podcasts on other subjects.

Showreel for both voice-over performance and technical recording and mastering. All pieces written and recorded in-house here at BJC Studios and fully editing and mastered using Adobe Audition. I have completed a number of VO projects, but due to varying states of completion still with clients, I am not able to showcase these just yet (aside from an English course I provided audio for, but I don’t think me saying a list of words is particularly engaging audio!)

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