APOLLO 18 is a Underrated Gem

Apollo 18 came out during the height of the found footage explosion after Paranormal Activity went gangbusters. In fact, I think its likely it was pushed into production specifically because PA did so well. At the time it got hit with some really grim reviews, but is it actually that bad?

0:00 – Prologue and titles

0:52 – Introduction

2:03 – Plot

4:14 – Ideology and patriotism

12:09 – Production

13:26 – Conclusion

Clips used: The Blair Witch Project (1999) Apollo 18 (2011) Larger Than Life (1998)

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HOST – Pandemic Gimmick or Quarantine Terror?

Is Host (2020) really as scary as people keep saying? To say the Shudder-released Zoom-based horror, from the team behind the brilliant short Dawn of the Deaf, has taken the world by storm is an understatement. But is this passion a result of actual quality, or is it because we’ve had no movie news besides Nolan’s constant whining about Tenet’s release date for months?