In a world of connected media and constant access, video is forming an increasingly important part of any company or artists’s visibility. As a result, there are several options for you to choose from when it comes to your video solution.

Discovery video – a 3-to-5 minute video that introduces a company, its products and a brief mention of its relevant history; perfect for website landing pages or social media sites. Comprises interview(s) to camera, cutaways and infill shots and product coverage.

Impressions video – a 30-second long video or segment from another video that is designed to promote engagement on social media. Formatted for specific social platforms. Multiple Impressions Videos can be produced at a discounted rate.

Photo Suite – series of 10-to-30 images, professionally-edited, that can be used for social media or marketing. May be taken from video stills.

Marketing Images – 3-to-5 images taken from the Photo Suite but heavily edited with text/description or details for social media usage.

Documentary – a 30-minute to 90-minute full documentary made on a similar skeleton to the discovery video, but depending on project brief and subjects.

Editor Package – Edit a digital format video using preexisting footage and sound, including colour and sound grading and mastering. Formatted for specified distribution as confirmed during briefing, not including upload. Hour rate based on duration of edit, amount of footage and format; to be delivered by digital transfer or delivery of physical media.

Event Coverage (video or photo) – Arrive on site early to assess access and camera positions based on info supplied ahead of time, coverage of event, supply of 20-to-100 photos, edited to professional level and supplied digitally. For performances, need for second camera-engineer possible.

Music Video – Pitch meeting with musicians/artists ahead of project to discuss ideas and develop ideas. Supply of pre-production materials (based on needs of project) before shooting. Full edit and digital delivery of video once complete.

I am also available as a camera or sound crew member (with my own equipment) to produce behind-the-scenes videos, music videos or anything else. Get in touch to discus what you need.

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